Your Cheap Choice For Quality Wholesale Women’s Clothing

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When shopping for clothing, many people simply make their purchases and move on with their life, and they don’t often think about where the store has gotten the clothing from. You are a customer of the store, but the store itself is a customer as well.

To put it simply, the store buys their clothing in bulk, for a much lower price than what their customer pays. This is known as wholesale. The store gets a very low price on the item, but they have to buy a huge quantity all at once. This works because they are, of course, looking to re-sell them all at a higher price to their own customers. Another bonus of buying wholesale is that, in the United States at least, wholesalers are not usually required to charge their retail buyers any taxes. This results in even more profit as retail stores will always charge tax on all of their sales.


In the past, wholesalers were generally closer to the markets they were supplying to than their own source, but due to the internet providing not only a global marketplace, but the ability to communicate across the world at the click of a button, we are starting to see more and more wholesalers who are located closer to the manufactures in Taiwan, China, and Southeast Asia.

There are risks involved in any business venture of course, but wholesale clothing can be an especially tricky territory to navigate successfully. Due to the seasonal nature of clothing, purchases often have to be made extremely far in advance, and they need to have a good plan in place that includes the proper timing in order to make the maximum amount of profit. Sometimes, wholesalers will have a buy-back arrangement with their customers, to buy back unsold clothing, but not always. In the event that there is no such arrangement in place, the store risks losing money on any unsold clothing once the season changes.

Take wholesale women’s tops, for example. Tops go in and out of style so quickly; it can be tricky to estimate how many you will sell in any given season. Colder weather requires a different type of shirt than warmer weather of course, so stores will be looking to update their inventory up to several times a year, depending on their location. Some places where the weather is either warm or cold for most or all of the year have it much easier, as one piece of clothing will stay relevant for longer.

Despite the risks involved, wholesale is always the way to go for stores when purchasing their inventory. They stand to make a great deal of profit if they purchase wisely, as they get a very low price when buying in bulk, and their purchases from wholesalers will often be tax free.

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