You Don’t Have To Spend A Fortune On Wedding Jewelry To Look Stunning On Your Big Day

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When you are trying to pick jewelry pieces to go with your wedding gown, remember the principle, “less is more”. After all you should be the center of attention on your big day with your ensemble coming in second. Wear a piece that is too over the top and not only will it take away from the appeal of the wedding gown but also it would rain down on all the hours of work put into getting your makeup and hair right.

It’s the day and age of frugality!

Although diamonds are always in trend, the problem is that they often come with unbelievably high price tags. Even baubles that will barely get noticed will set you back by a few hundred, depending on the metal used in the creation and the carat weight, size and quality of the stones.

If you scrimp on the wedding gown just so you can have tiny diamond studs to go with it, you will just be downgrading your entire look. Instead, pick a piece in silver with CZ stones. The look will be just as elegant at a fraction of the price of diamond jewelry. For instance, this piece would cost you about $20 but go for the same design in diamonds and platinum and you will end up paying upward of $300.

A versatile piece will offer frequent and years of service!

Another issue with choosing over the top jewelry is that after the big day, it goes straight into the safety deposit box. After all, you could not wear something that is too expensive and attention grabbing to work or as you go about your household chores. Once again, silver scores here because you can find bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants that can be matched with formal and informal attire as well as evening wear.

For example, a piece like this

could easily be matched with a cocktail dress or a smart skirt suit.

Similarly, this bracelet

would go very well with formal threads as well as a pair of jeans and a simple, elegant blouse.

What better than a heart pendant to adorn your dress on the big day? This piece

would do justice to the mood of the special day and you could bring it out on Valentine’s Day or your first anniversary even if you are marking these days with a simple dinner.

The best options that don’t break the bank!

As far as earrings go, it would be best to choose studs if your wedding gown has a significant amount of embroidery or an embellished bodice. Your choices should typically look something like this:

The point is to keep the jewelry simple, so that the work on the dress steals the show. On the other hand, if you have worn a simple body hugging creation in white silk, you can get a bit adventurous. Take your pick from pieces that look like this:

Pick something that blends seamlessly with your look!

When it comes to matching pieces of jewelry with your wedding gown, pick a set of earrings and a pendant or forego the necklace in favor of earrings and a bracelet. You could wear all three pieces together but then go for the minimal look with the jewelry, opting for a simple bracelet with a single charm or one that is simply a dainty silver chain like this:

Depending on the bodice and the neckline of your gown, you can tone down or tone up the jewelry. For example, if you have an off shoulder gown with lace and crystals on the bodice or a dress with an embellished and ornately cut out neckline, go for something simple in terms of the neck piece. Ideally, it would be best to stick to a small pendant on a short chain like:

If a bracelet and earrings are also included in the wedding parure, choose something along these lines:

Don’t let the brides maids go empty handed!

The best part is that you could also use silver jewelry as wedding favors at the bachelorette party or a small memento given to the bridesmaids for their contribution towards your big day. The advantage of picking silver and CZ creations is that you will be gifting an elegant piece of jewelry without burning a hole in your wedding budget. Again, it’s choices galore when it comes to picking the perfect favors. For instance, you could go with pieces with a favorite motif like:

Using the jewelry after the big day!

On a final note, think of all the creative ways in which you could continue to use your wedding jewelry not just on your honeymoon but also as you settle into domestic bliss. Whether you work at an office or are a homemaker, these gorgeous pieces with their simplicity will be perfect for all occasions.

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