What to Wear To a White Party

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Dressing up for a white party is certainly challenging, as amalgamating white clothes and suitable accessories to create an impeccable ensemble is easier said than done. While getting ready for such parties keep in mind the tips listed below to dazzle every white party.

Determine nature of party/occasion

Parties are thrown for celebrating different reasons and occasions; hence their nature may be casual, formal or semiformal. Each type calls for a distinctive look as their very natures are highly distinctive. Additionally, consider the season, venue and timing of the party to limit your choices.


Formal occasions may not give you much room to experiment hence; stick to sophisticated clothes that are considered staples in one’s wardrobe. Moreover, keep accessories to a minimum and opt for diamond, platinum or silver jewelry only. Remember, that for formal white parties simplicity is the best choice hence keep your ensemble simple and amazingly classy. Choose high collars and fabrics with crisper creases.

For semiformal white parties you can experiment by amalgamating the current casual fashion along with classic pieces in terms of attire, accessories and jewelry. Since, semiformal occasions do not pose many restrictions; these parties offer the perfect opportunity to showcase your style.

Casual white parties revolve around fun and the mood is kept extremely light, which is precisely why you can sport ensembles that you are comfortable in, provided you follow current trends. Accessories can be funky and eccentric as, long as they jell with your white outfit. Always remember that casual white parties prioritize comfort, so choose comfortable clothes along with comfortable footwear. Round necklines, V necklines and other comfortable variants should be chosen. You can wear linen or cotton to ensure comfort.


Depending upon the season you can layer or simplify your outfits. For winters choose heavier and thicker fabrics that will fit your form without appearing bulky. You can layer your outfits to create a bold fashion statement. For spring and summer choose lighter white clothes preferably in linen that belong to the current season in order to look trendy.


Choose your white outfit based on whether you are attending a party in an outdoor location or an indoor one. Outdoor venues where external factors cannot be controlled demand straight and simple silhouettes. Moreover, accessories should be minimalist and footwear should be exceptionally comfortable.

Indoor venues offer more comfort as external factors can be easily controlled; therefore experiment with different silhouettes and fabrics. However, to achieve a chic and comfortable look choose fabrics such as linen and cotton.

Furthermore, take into consideration the specifications of the venue to sport a flawless ensemble comprising of marvelous white attire, footwear and appropriate accessories.


Comfort dictates white parties held during the day, thus opt for light breathable linen clothes that flow loosely. Team up these clothes with light accessories, comfortable footwear such as sandals, and a pair of sunglasses. For evening or late night white parties, choose form fitting clothes which boast intricate detailing for luxurious style. Choose leather footwear that is either embellished or possesses a stylish shape.

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