Types of Watch Styles Found In Automatic Watches for Men

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Jewelry accessories are critical to complete a man’s outfit.  It will make his dressing stand out among the crowd.  A guy has limited range of jewelry accessories to choose from.  Hence, wristwatches are considered one of the most common jewelry accessories.  Fashionistas usually own a few wristwatches to match their wide range of outfits and to suit their different lifestyles, be it for their work or for their leisure activities. As for watch enthusiasts, automatic watches are usually the preferred movement over quartz due to its long watchmaking history.

There are a lot of brands and styles in the market.  Hence, it is important to know the type of wristwatch that you are looking for, to help you narrow down your search to find one that suits your style and purpose.  It is also important to know your budget, so that you can ensure that you do not overspend.  In addition, the type of movement that you are looking for should be in your consideration. Many discerning men prefer automatic watches due to its age old technology and more environmentally friendly maintenance.

If you have in mind, a reasonable budget of say $500, and are looking for automatic watches, do consider the few categories of wristwatches and their features listed below. When selecting among the best automatic watches under 500 USD, it is essential that you have a good reference to ensure that you buy a watch that not only displays your personality, but also serves you well in terms of functions.

Automatic watches, also commonly known as self-winding mechanical watches, can be found in the categories below:

Casual Watch

Casual watch is an everyday watch, which you can wear it for different occasions and purposes.

They are versatile pieces, usually with metal bracelets and are quite durable.  They match almost any outfit and are usually water resistant.


The sports watch to choose depends the type of sports or outdoor activity that you are engaging in.  If you are into intense water sports, for example diving, getting a watch which is water resistant up to 600 feet is an ideal choice.  If you are engaged in higher cardio sports activity, it is recommended to buy watch with stopwatch function and pulse monitor.  For those who enjoy outdoor hiking or adventure related activities, they should look out for features like night light function or GPS function.


The appropriate timepiece to wear for a formal occasion is dress watch, which can be worn with smart casual clothes as well.  The common features of a dress watch include black or brown leather strap with matching silver or black dials.  The watch size must fit the wrist perfectly well, with the case thickness of less than 12mm preferred.


A fashion watch is a statement piece, which makes the man look trendy and stylish.  Fashion watches are designed to tailor to different styles and personalities.  They are also designed for different occasion.  There are also some fashion watches which are unique for either sex, which makes it appealing to men, as it portrays that he supports gender equality.

If you are overwhelmed by the wide range and styles of self-winding watches available, do check out the list of men’s automatic watches under 500, to ease your search.

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