Top 10 Tips to Click Better Candid Photography in wedding

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Candid photography is now a trend that has revolutionized the field overtaking the traditional way of capturing moment. Staged photography is something that has brought down interest of people and switched over to candid shots. Wedding candid photography is high on demand and every couple wants the photographer to capture them and every moment in candid way.

No doubt candid shots are much more natural and adds context to the photos. However, capturing moments with right equipment is very essential. This article will help you to know top 7 tips to click better candid photography.

  1. Avoid Using Flash: Use of flash is a strict no because it results into overexposed photos.  On the wedding venue there are already enough lights available to get better exposure.  So the best way is widen your aperture and raise your ISO. This will allow you to take well exposed photos in low light conditions, such as indoors. Keep an ISO of 400 and widen the aperture to get shallow depth image.
  2. Carry your Camera Everywhere: To get the best candid photo options, it is important to carry your camera wherever possible. This way you will also come out of your fear and end up getting as many as photos.
  3. Positioning Yourself: In candid photography, be it wedding or any other occasion, angle plays an important role. The light, the people facing and the location allows the photographer to stand strategically. You must reach the venue early to position on the right angle.
  4. Use of Telephoto Lens:  Having this lens allows the photographer to capture the moment from far. Telephoto lenses also force the perspective onto your subject, which makes it less about the scene.
  5. Adding Context: An image without any context lacks story.  You can click the subject through the environment that they are in or by positioning the subjects to the left of right of the frame making it more interesting.
  6. Showcase Relationship: Capturing people together rather than single person showcases relationship. Even if two or more people are not interacting, then too click them and add depth and a sense of story into the viewing of the image.
  7. Perspective is Important:  Every image has something to say and presenting it in a different perspective creates more interest.  Right composition and different angle creates interest and gives a new perspective to the image. Breaking the rule of composition is what makes the image look perfect and appealing.
  8. Catching People During Moment: This is what true candid photography is. Be it the wedding or any other occasion, capturing people during their moment creates interest. Capturing people in the moment provide the best results and details of what exactly you want to say through image.
  9. Shooting in Burst Mode: There are unpredictable moments in wedding and other occasions. You need to be prepared to capture the moment.  Shooting in burst mode is the best way to capture the moment.
  10. Use of Foreground Element: Use of elements in foreground creates the image more interesting. You can capture the moment, by shooting over someone’s shoulder or you can shoot in wide angle to find foreground element.

Use of creativity in candid photography is the foremost thing in candid session. It creates whole new perspective of the image and story. Best Candid photographers can be found at Canvera

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