Tips for Creating the Perfect Tablescapes for a Wedding

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Tablescapes require a lot of thought when creating them, but before you can focus on all of the minute details you need to consider the table linens. Linens for tables will include a selection of tablecloths, runners, and napkins that determine how the rest of the table decor will look.

Choosing the Right Tablecloths

The first thing you’ll need is a tablecloth to establish the foundation of the table. Therefore, your initial consideration should be the type of material and color you want to shape the rest of your table’s linens and decor.

Keep in mind that the tablecloth and flowers don’t need to be the central focus of the table. However, if you want it to get the most attention, go for extravagant colors, textures, and patterns.

Also, consider the materials based on the theme of the wedding. For example, for a rustic wedding, consider lace, which can greatly complement the rest of your rustic wedding decor.

Adding a Table Runner

Table runners have the ability to completely change the look of a table. Deciding on a table runner is similar to choosing a tablecloth, in that you can choose to make it the focus or simply an addition.

For example, if you want your table runner to stand out from the rest of the decor, you can use a bolder color, pattern, or texture than the underlying tablecloth. Stripes often work great with tablecloths that have a lighter and solid color.

Another factor that will contribute to your decision regarding a table runner is the size of the centerpieces. Pair a more prominent table runner with smaller centerpieces, while a thinner runner will better supplement larger centerpieces.

Also, consider getting an extra wide runner if you aren’t featuring plate chargers on the table. This can add more visual appeal and make your tables more interesting overall.

Completing Your Linens with Table Napkins

The last consideration will be table napkins. You should pick these based on the combined look of your tablecloth and runner. If you want to make your napkins even more interesting, you can fold them over the plates for use as menu holders, adding more elegance to your displays. You can also tuck your place cards in them to indicate where guests should sit in a visually appealing manner. This can further impress guests in addition to the rest of the table decor, and it shows that you took extra care in your table designs.

While table linen isn’t always necessary to fully decorate your tables, it can make your events unique and colorful to leave everyone in attendance impressed from start to finish.

If you need assistance when choosing linen designs for a wedding or other occasion, you can benefit from working with a reputable linen rental company that offers design templates and personalized help. With these services and high-quality table linen rentals, you’ll be able to create the exact look you want.

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