The LBD- Reason Why Wear a Little Black Dress

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If there is anything that might just save all your really bad shopping choices and a not so well organized wardrobe, it’s the famous LBD. And Coco Chanel knew what she was doing when she made this little item so popular.

And it’s not famous just for the sake of it, it actually lives up to its reputation and I will tell you exactly why.

Black is not a very friendly color, so why go for a black dress?

Here are 3 reasons why:

1. It makes you look thinner. Just pick the right size and remember that it should be fitted not tight. A dress should of course show your figure, but you need to have about 2 cm looseness around to be sure it looks great. Never get clothes a size smaller thinking they might make you look slimmer because they will do the exact opposite.

2. Black goes with almost everything so you can reinvent the dress everytime you accessorize it with something else. Pick silver for a classy yet clever mix. If you want to go bold, pick something wild, like a colorful animal print or even neons. Remember this: Neutrals for a classic mix and anything else to sure you will stand out.

3. It’s elegant without any need of touchups. It speaks for itself and it’s also discreet. It will make you stand out with your personality rather than with what you are wearing. Still, you can pick bold shoes. Go for patent leather red stilettos. They will give you that extra touch of sexiness without being too much. And don’t forget about the red nails.

Being such a classic choice, you can find it from many brands, from really really cheap ones to high end designers. But the thing is, they would both look expensive if the fabric is right. So no matter if you spend 20$ or 1000$ you may look like a thousands dollar in both dresses. It’s all about knowing how to pick clothes for yourself and which items to invest in. Make smart choices and invest in a high quality LBD that will save you from so many also bad mistakes that you might make.

And if we are still at it, do you know what’s the perfect match for a beautiful LBD?

Nude stilettos! They will make your legs look longer, slimmer and they go perfect with anything, except sweats of course. For summer, pick nude sandals for the same reasons. Try thin straps and not wide ones because they will make you feet look wider.

Ready to make your first great choice for the season?

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