A Look at Past 50 Years in Fashion

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Fashion is one of the most noticeable culture changes throughout the world. In the 20th century, the Western world had a huge a variety of fashions that defined each decade. During the first quarter of the century you started to see women’s fashion start to turn away from the traditional long dresses that had been worn for years. As you move into the middle of the century, you can still see how fashion designers were pushing new ideas and styles that had never been thought of before. Looking back at some of the defining items of clothing for each decade in the past 50 years, you will be able to see how some of these pieces are once again trendy today.

The Miniskirt of the 60s

“The 60s is what brought on the introduction of the miniskirt,” said Marc Holt, spokesperson for AmeriCare, an elderly care company. “One of the most classic looks of the 60s is pairing a short skirt with a pair of white boots. Never before were such short hemlines a part of the mainstream wardrobe. My clients like to tell me about the time that in order to be a stylish woman, your closet was not complete without a miniskirt.”

As the spring fashions come out year after year, it is interesting to see that the miniskirt has never fully died out.

The Maxis Dress of the 70s

Over the course of only ten years, fashion went from the miniskirt to ankle-length maxis dresses. The miniskirt was still around, but the maxis dress allowed women to still be considered fashionable while covering their legs. In the 2013-2014 spring and summer seasons, we have seen an explosion of what is now called the “maxi” dress or skirt.

The Leggings and Baggy Shirts of the 80s

“The 80s brought about the infamous leggings and baggy tops. Leggings that were particularly part of a neon rainbow were all the rage,” said Tyler Hicks, spokesperson for National Salon, a beauty supply organization. To pair leggings with an oversized shirt, you would think that I am talking solely about today’s fashion. Neon leggings may not be as popular, but leggings as a form of pants certainly are.  Combined with an oversized sweater or baggy shirt, the only thing different about the 80s and today is the popularity of neon colors.

The Denim Jackets of the 90s

Defining the 90s as the grunge era, with the mix of almost any fashion trend all merging into one. There was no real right or wrong about it…but denim was definitely the popular choice for any outfit. Denim overalls, high-waist jeans, and the iconic denim jacket were the essence of the perfect 90s wardrobe. Most of the trend has stayed, but the shape of denim jeans has changed. Overalls are a thing of the past for the most part these days. It is the denim jackets that you still see on the rack in a store.

As much as the styles have changed throughout the decades, they all seem to be resurfacing themselves bit by bit in our current fashion trends. Some decades’ particular styles have once again become the latest craze, such as leggings or maxi dresses. Today, we now see an interesting combination of our history’s fashion trends come together to create looks that we’ve never had before.

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