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We have already established that gold jewellery necklace designs are some of the most luxurious pieces out there, but they are also very difficult to maintain and take proper care of. Gold is, at least most of the time, socially perceived to be the most precious metal in the world, but why it is so valuable is not often understood by many. In fact, gold finds itself amongst the weakest metals to work with when it comes to crafting jeweler simply because it does not do very well on its own. Most of the rings, chains and other golden accessories are made out of gold and an additional metal or alloy that hardens the final product. So before we get into our top 5, let us make sure that you are aware of how gold works in the first place.

Gold Basics

As mentioned previously, if you want to make any item that is composed out of pure gold you will find yourself in a bit of a sticky situation. First of all, gold is not solid to begin with, even 24K golden pieces are not 100% gold. In fact, if you will purchase a 24K piece you might not enjoy the investment for too long since you will notice scratches within a few days after purchasing it. So you have to be super extra careful with how you handle it and how often you handle it.

Secondly, you might be interested in knowing that the fewer karats your desired piece has, the better. Fewer karats means less gold and more extra alloy which, in fact, makes the object a lot stronger and durable. Gold jewellery necklace designs, like any other golden item, come in 10K, 14K, 18K and 24K the 14K investment might be exactly what you are looking for. Why is that, you might ask. Quite simple: because the 14K is the ideal price quality ratio. You have more gold (58.5%) than alloys, it is the second most durable after the 10K piece and you will be happy with the results that it provides, both in terms of beauty and quality.

Now we are not saying that you should wipe all the other decisions off the board. Actually, the golden color varies depending on how much alloy you add to the gold. But the difference between 14K and 18K necklaces is not visible to the naked eye. Yes, there is a minor yellow glow reduction, but only experts will make the difference. Then again, the 18K pieces are comprised of 75% gold and 25% other alloys, so they are far less durable. It is your decision if you want to spend a little extra knowing that you have more gold into your necklace.

And this brings us to why gold is so valuable. It is hard to take care of, so one needs to take extra precautions as to how they wear it and when they wear it. This rarity of use is what makes gold so precious. Commonly associated with premium events, this delicate metal sees the light only when something special occurs. Thus the desire to have more gold in one’s accessories: the more gold, the more care and the more willingness to take responsibility for something so precious.

Maybe you understood that 10K and 24K pieces are not valuable, but let us not mix practicality and the desire for luxury in the same pot. And now that we know how valuable gold actually is, let us take a loot at the best ways to wear its necklace designs.

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How to Wear Golden Necklaces

Let’s start with the simple things: if you want to wear a gold necklace, you want to experiment with as many variations as possible. What key features would you like to display? Maybe your skin tone? Your hair? Or maybe you are very aware that you have gorgeous eyes. Try golden necklaces with vivid shades. If you want to seem brighter, go for champagne, but if you desire to match it with darker colors you had better opt for bronze instead.

You will find that a golden necklace is often not enough if you want to dress to impress. You will most likely need to match it with another golden accessory or two so that you attract attention towards your entire body. Do not add too many accessories. In general, golden necklaces are meant to draw attraction towards your entire body rather than the head and chest. It is often best that you match a necklace with a bracelet or with a small golden brooch worn on your belt, if you are wearing one. Rings are also a great addition, of course, yet you absolutely need to ensure that your image equilibrium is balanced. When someone sees your necklace and the ring, none of the pieces need to distract the eye from one to another. You overall look needs to be gorgeous.

Another way for you to easily wear golden necklaces is with golden eye makeup. This combination rarely goes wrong and it is also a great alternative for you if you do not have extra yellow items to match your necklace with. Adding this eyeliner to the inner corners of your lids will most likely guarantee you an extraordinary night. What is also very comforting is that it works great on any eye color. Shadows are also an accessible option, especially if you can put together a series of shades which complement each other nicely.

First the eyes and now the hands: have you ever considered golden manicure? You should if you are planning to wear your neck accessory tonight. This trend is super strong at the moment and the good part about it is that, even if it loses its popularity, there will be less people wearing it and you will look shinier than ever. A gradient gold polish with a golden necklace might be ideal if you are holding a short presentation, by the way,

Last, but not least, if extra jewels, eyeliners or manicure are simply not your thing, why not consider just matching your necklace with your hair? Golden blond highlights might be just the touch of simplicity you are looking to add to your looks. If you want to grow your hair or you came to the conclusion that dyeing is not a healthy option for you. Trying out highlights or ombre looks will give you all the information you need to decide if this is the right choice for you.

There are two more extra ways in which you can wear gold jewellery necklace designs and we kept them as a little extra in case you were not satisfied with the choices from above. These two are golden clothes and golden shoes. They can be quite tricky to match at times and each one of them has a specific guideline.

Firstly, if you are going to decide on golden clothes you absolutely need a statement piece for your outfit. You must decide whether the necklace is going to be your statement or something else. If the neck is your neck is the statement, everything else needs to be kept at a low profile. Subdued gold accents are your friend when it comes to this sort of deal. In order for you to properly imagine it, think that a spotlight is falling on your necklace and the top of your dress. The rest of you needs to be, more or less, in the dark.

As for the golden shoes, we feel as though they are quite tough to match. Shoes, pants and a necklace could work, especially if you pair it with a black tank top. The best way for you to figure out which pieces look best on you is to simply experiment with golden shoes and see for yourself.

And so we made it to the end and we actually managed to fit two in one! Now you are more knowledgeable about gold in general and you also found out the best ways to wear your golden necklace. Let’s go through the usual recap.


First, make sure that you are aware of what kind of golden piece you are wearing and how often you do it. If you happen to wear a 24K golden necklace you had best take good care of it. They are quite valuable and they can scratch and deform quickly. But if you are wearing a 14K necklace you will be happy to read that you can wear it on a daily basis without much issue.

There are 5 very effective and safe ways to wear gold necklaces: in vivid variations, matching your style appropriately; paired with other golden accessories, with golden makeup, golden manicure and with the appropriate hair color. You can also try and match your necklace with golden clothes or shoes, but experience dictates that those combinations are quite difficult to handle. So before you become a total gold pro, you can stick to the main 5 for absolute security.  For more visit our Online Jewelry Store.

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