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Are you looking for a better professional life but don’t want to compromise with your personal life, do not want to give up on your family time and still want to give a helping hand in your child’s study? Well, SeneGence International has an offer for you to become a reputed Lipsense distributor. It is giving you an opportunity to become the wholesale distributor of the brand’s semi-permanent cosmetics from your home. Your life won’t have to juggle between office and your home. You can make money while living your life to the fullest. Moreover, it is a great chance to test your entrepreneurship skills.

Be the master of your personal and professional life!

By providing you with this opportunity, SeneGence has given you a platform where you can be your own boss! You will work for yourself and make money promptly. You are the one who gets to decide targets and working hours and accordingly you make an earning. It is entirely up to you whether you choose to make it a full-time career or earn some handsome amount in your spare time. If you are a content customer and believe that other women should also derive the benefit of beauty from SeneGence then be the intermediary and tell your clients proudly of you being our happy customer! It is time to take a step ahead and become a loyal wholesale distributor from a loyal customer.

Products to be distributed

You will be proud to call yourself a distributor of a cosmetic product which is consumable, distinctive and comes with 100% guarantee! SeneGence provides its distributors with a wide range of products to sell such as products which are highly consumable, have high demand, simple to sell and developed by cosmetic leaders.

Perks of being a SeneGence distributor

SeneGence assures you that you will be rendered top-notch support services and given training which will support you in building a successful business. Neither in terms of time nor in terms of money you will ever regret this decision.  As a wholesale distributor, you will have great potential to earn big in terms of payout (up to 70%), retail profits, commission and bonus.

Becoming a SeneGence distributor is a great platform to make quick money. One can earn the profit by directly selling the products, and when a distributor place orders in their downline organization, which can go down as deep as to five levels, they earn commission and bonuses.

A SeneGence distributor can not only sell from home or office, but also in trade shows, beauty salons, or in any other manner possible.

Distributors are assured that they will be paid their compensation as and when it arises. You can rely on us as there are no hidden charges or breakages!

Get started!

Being a SeneGence distributor is not rocket science. An initial small investment is all you need. The distributor is provided with a distributor’s kit and the kit consist of product testing instruments, training materials, and supplies. You can purchase the products from SeneGence at discounted rate in order to resale them.

You, being a SeneGence wholesale distributor, don’t get benefit only when you sell the products but also when you invite others to join us, become a distributor and sell the products.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit liplady1.com and start your new career!



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