Keratin Hair Treatment Explained

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Keratin hair treatment is a hair beauty treatment that utilises proteins to smoothen the hair cuticle and create straighter and shinier hair. You will normally recognise a woman who has had this kind of special treatment! The protein keratin is one that is naturally found in human hair, and keratin hair treatments are designed for restoring this protein to frizzy, curly or damaged hair.

There is some controversy regarding some salon treatments, which have been found to contain dangerous levels of formaldehyde, so make sure to choose and use a hairdresser that uses only natural and safe products on your hair. Call them or check their website to see if they use only the best hair care solutions, after all, it is your hair!

Cause and Cures for Great Hair

By having rough or broken cuticles hair will naturally become frizzy, which is particularly common for people with curly hair due to its natural bent shape. By bonding keratin to the hair it fills in the rough cuticles and makes them smooth, this reducing frizz and assisting in straightening the hair. In most cases, a professional hairdresser’s keratin hair treatment will last for two to three months, determined by the strength of the product and the frequency of hair washing.

Professional keratin hair straightening treatments usually involve applying the keratin mixture to the hair, which bonds the keratin to the hair with a hot straightening iron and then the removal of any excess product. After application of the treatment, a customer should not wash their hair for 72 hours, so as to allow the treatment to set correctly. After that time has passed, the customer is instructed to wash their hair with special shampoos to prolong the life of the treatment. After the keratin hair treatment, people find that they have much shinier, straighter hair that will not need as much blow drying or heat styling as it did prior to the treatment.

Keratin Hair Extensions

What is known as keratin hair extensions are long-lasting hair extensions that are affixed to existing hair. The end of a hair extension is put into a clear, keratin-based paste. Counting on the amount of keratin that will be used, the extensions can be attached by glue, clips, or what is known as thermal fusion. These have become one of the most popular types of hair extensions in Australia and most often used for celebrity hair extensions. These extensions can last for some months, much longer than other types of extensions.

These hair extensions can be removed easily enough without the assistance of a hairdresser. A special removal solution is usually used to soften the keratin adhesive which then releases the wearer’s real hair from the extension. Some extra solution may be used to remove any excess adhesive which remains in the hair after removing the extensions.

If you’re looking at keratin hair straightening or extensions in Perth, make sure to use reliable hairdressers with the knowhow and experience to match.

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