How to Use Refillable Hookah Pens with Perfection?

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The inception of hookah pens has turned out to be a boon for vapers around the globe. With the use of this device they could not only get the best hookah experience but at the same time remain protected from any sort of hazardous diseases that are often associated with the use of traditional hookah. Now, if you have purchased a new hookah from Hookah Shisha and are confused about using it then you have arrived at the right destination, as here we are going to share certain tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your device.

Basics of A Refillable Hookah Pens

There are three components of hookah pens which are refillable and they are

  • Switch
  • Battery Tube &
  • Atomizer

Each component is essential for the working of the pens. The switch is the point where you can operate the device by turning it on/off as per your requirements. It is often in the form of a button where just a press can do the trick. Next is the battery tube that helps in the functioning of the device. The battery is structured at the bottom of the pen, and can be charged using a USB charger, or as prescribed under the manufacturer’s guidelines. When you leave the pen on charging then it is indicated in the form of  light.

Refilling Hookah Pens in 3 Steps

After understanding how to operate refillable hookah pen the next thing that you should know is how to refill them when there is no liquid present in the atomizer. Well, there are three steps for the process and they are

Purchasing High Quality Liquid:

It is integral to purchase the finest liquids for the atomizer, as that would ensure that you receive maximum vaping experience from the pens. Hence, go for an ideal brand that has been producing these liquids for a long time, and thus is recognized for its presence in this business. This will help you in achieving the quality that you are looking for.

Disintegrate the Hookah Pen:

Once you have the liquid that you want to the next step is to disintegrate the hookah pen so that you can open the atomizer. Mostly, the hookah pens are protected by metal caps, where all you need to do is twist the caps to get to the centre of the tubes.

Fill the Liquid:

The third and final step is to fill the liquid inside the refillable hookah pens and do remember to perform this step carefully. The liquids come up with a nozzle which ensures that you can easily pour it into the atomizer in a hassle free manner.

After you have filled the liquid all you need to do is rescrew the metal cap of the pen again, and then you are ready to cherish an unforgettable vaping time with hookah pens. Performing these steps with perfection will enhance the durability of the device and even give you an amazing vaping time.

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