How to Plan an Event

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At some point, everyone with a social life is going to have to plan an event of some kind. Planning an event can be really stressful. With a little bit of planning in the initial stages of the event, the event can be a success.

Maybe someone that’s planning an event thinks that it’s going to be expensive or has to be extravagant. What are the event is small or large, it can be done in an efficient way that is Affordable and that is Pleasant for everyone involved.

Set that Date

The first thing that one has to do before planning an event is to set a date. A date is very important to consider. Certain months are not great for certain events. If somebody wants a beach wedding at a specific location, what needs to be considered is the weather patterns for that location during that month.

Sure, weather changes constantly but weather patterns can help plan a successful event for a wedding if it is not planned around a monsoon time or during a heavy rain season.

Who’s the Audience?

Before starting to plan an event, it’s important to know who the audience is, as different audiences expect different atmospheres and situations in various kinds of events. All the events have to require planning in order for the event to be as successful as possible.

Think about the target audience as mentioned above and think about what expectations they will have from the event. If it’s a birthday party, they will probably be expecting cake and food and drinks.


If it’s a wedding, they will probably be expecting a more sophisticated setting with a more elegant cake depending on the bride and groom’s preferences. In this step, the step is to just think about the outcome of what the event should look like in your mind. Have a pad of paper and pencil ready to jot down any ideas that may come to mind.

Make lists, Check them Twice!

You should make lists and scratch out any better ideas and start any good ideas that may come to mind. After you have looked through your ideas and decided which ideas are the worthy ones for the event comma it’s a good idea to start making a plan that will help each idea come to life.

On your sketch pad, this may look more like a circle with the main idea in the middle and a web with different ideas “spidering” out of that original thought. To get better ideas for your event, it’s important to do research online or to ask any friends for advice on what kind of aspects they enjoyed from certain parties and events that they went to. Research is important.

Because it enables one to have a wider view of what is expected from the event. Sometimes we feel we have all the details, but really there’s a more amazing idea that could be added to the events to make it more spectacular and memorable.

Brand the Events

This means to come up with a name for the event that will make people remember it. It will also make people want to come and be part of the fun! The catchier the name, the more people will want to be involved with it through social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Begin the Master Plan: Ask Questions

You have to find out several things for the master plan. There are many questions you have to ask yourself such as “What permits or contracts do I need for the venue? Where will the event be held?

Where they’ll be any presenters or speakers? What activities and entertainment will the events have?

Who is going to sponsor the event? Will there be any volunteers? In regards to the administrative process, someone has to be in charge of budget and registration and planning and the guest speakers.

Begin the Master Plan

From this point it’s important to make a time line and prioritize. You want to do all the important things that are more time sensitive first and then leave the less important details for last.

At this time one can order or shop for all that items that are required for the event. If need be, delegate the several assignments to the several events planners and coordinate with each other’s idea so that no one over steps their boundaries or no ideas are repeated unnecessarily having a checklist would help so that one can cross off all the ideas I have already been accomplished.

The Budget

Another step is to prepare a budget. Find out how much money you have to spend on the event and find out who is going to be funding the event.

Define different quotes, you can go to a website called or any similar website that offers prices and various quotes from various people who are willing to help plan an event, these could include life gets hard, DJs, fire-breathers, or even live acoustic guitarist.

You may have to consider things that you may have to rent, such as a generator. You would have to look locally and in the Yellow Pages or online to find out who rents what for how much.

What’s for Lunch?

When considering food it’s important to find out different catering options or what kind of food is expected for the party and how many people will be attending. From this point it’s important to make a timeline and think about the target audience as mentioned above and think about what expectations they will have from the event.

If it’s a birthday party, they will probably be expecting cake and food and drinks. If it’s a wedding, they will probably be expecting more sophisticated food setting with a more elegant cake depending on the bride and groom preferences.

The “Not-So” Last Minute Details…

If there any decorations to set up, start those as soon as possible so they will not become an overwhelming task toward the closing time of the event date. When planning an event, it’s important to consider the furniture that will be used. Is this event going to call for people sitting down for long periods of time or for people looking for seats during short moments of break from dancing?

It’s important to consider the event’s table decor and chairs and lighting that will be used for the event. These items can create or break a first impression for an event. There are many rental companies who offer rental services in regards to furniture for your event.

If you need about 30 tables and chairs, some companies will be able to take your order and gladly deliver the chairs and tables. If a wedding is being planned or if a fundraiser is being planned or any kind of corporate event, many rental companies are willing to sit down with you and talk about what kind of furniture will be required for the event and where the furniture will be situated.


In the end you have to find out how you will evaluate your success. How do you know if your event was successful? Are you going to measure this by the number of attendance that came or those who registered, or will you measure success by the amount of money that was raised for a certain fundraiser and donations?

Ultimately, while event planning can be stressful, it can be an extremely rewarding experience that calls for great planning and careful attention to details. Your initial idea that comes to life happens with amazing planning, delegation and people will remember your event for a long time.

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