How To Make Your Feet Sparkle This Summer

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Many girls are focused on a new dress, new accessories or new shoes when they head into summer.  But let’s not forget our feet girls, because this is the time of year when they are on display and need to make a great impression.

There are some easy ways to add a little shine and polish to your little beauties and get them ready to sparkle through summer.

Exfoliate regularly to keep your feet smooth and help you get rid of dry skin.

Use a thick layer of moisturizer

Most women’s feet tend to dry easily and especially the heel which has thicker skin even more so. Therefore you should add regular moisturizing to your daily routine. Use a natural lotion, oil or heavy duty foot crème especially for feet that you can apply immediately before bed.


Let them breath fresh air

Of course we are in summer right now and most women wear sandals most of this time. But it is important to remember that also our feet need some time to refresh and recover from being stuck in shoes and socks, covered with nail polish. So give them a take-out time for a few days every month.


Summer Nail Polish

Need some inspiration on how to get your feet red-carpet ready? Then it’s definitely time to reconsider your home program and instead opt for a trendy salon treatment which will not only ensure your feet are cared for, they also set you up with a trendy new summer nail polish shade ready for your new open toes shoes.

Showpiece Jewellery

While summer is the time when large pearls and baubles come out of the closet, studded large necklaces to make a bold statement, have you ever thought of shiny bejewelled feet? Anklets and ornate jewels are not just a hit with hippies anymore and are certain to get your feet beach ready.


Jewelled sandals

Flat or heeled, leather or mankind, there are just so many options every summer. But what your shoe cupboard definitely needs this summer are sandals that really make you stand out from the crowd. Jewelled sandals are so timeless and allow you to wear them with boyfriend jeans on a casual day or with a beautiful cocktail dress for a night out. Made in Italy’s famous shoe region Marche, ROCCAPINA designs are essential summer pieces and add a touch of elegant simplicity to your outfit. Meticulously crafted using only high quality Italian leathers, crystals and Swarovski jewels, the sandals brand is definitely on our must-see list for next spring. In the meantime, dive into ROCCAPINA’s sparkly world that is a must-read for every sparkle girl

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