How Do You Apply Hair Extensions If You Are A Newbie

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Gathering as much information as possible, about the different types of hair extensions that are available and the methods of applying it will give you some idea about what would be best for you. Never try to imitate others because the selection of hair extension and its application would depend on the type of hair you have. What has worked well for someone may not work at all for you. Moreover, the process of applying hair extension has to be done by trained, certified and experienced extensionists as there are chances of your hair getting damaged, if not done properly.

Different attachment methods

Broadly there are two methods of attaching hair extensions – the adhesive method and the non-adhesive method.

  • Adhesive method – In this method an adhesive is used to bond the extension with your hair. These are chemical adhesives and should be safe for your skin and hair. The suitability of using the adhesive has to be checked first. During removal, a chemical solvent that is used should also be similarly checked before use. The adhesive is applied to the hair extension and in some cases the tips of the extension contain the adhesive. Some adhesives use Keratin. A special tool is used to fuse the extension with your hair by using the hot or cold method of fusion. Adhesive tape extensions are also sometimes used. Normally it takes 48 hours for the bonding during which the hair should not be washed or brushed.
  • Non- adhesive method – The principle of using clips to tie the attachment to the hair is used in this method. Different types of clips, beads, cylinders, braids and threads are used to attach the extension to the hair. The hair is pulled tight through the cylinder and securely tightened before using beads for attaching the extensions.


Types of hair extensions

Hair extensions come in different forms like strands or wefts, with clip or with tape that are tied to the hair to give a composite look.

  • Weft hair extensions – The hair extension is attached to a ribbon like track of a few inches in length known as weft. The weft is handmade or machine made according to customised requirement so as to suit with your head and hair. Multiple wefts are attached to the hair by adhesive or non-adhesive methods.
  • Clip-in hair extensions – If you do not mind the visibility of clips then this is the easiest and safe method of applying hair extensions that can be removed before going to bed. But this is a temporary method that can give a new look very quickly.


  • Tape-in hair extensions – This is similar to wefts but there is an adhesive tape attached to it. The hair is sandwiched between the tape and another one single sided tape to complete the fixing process.
  • Strand by strand extensions – Small strands of hair extension are separately attached to small hair sections by using the adhesive or non adhesive methods. This is a time taking process and you need to have patience to get it done.

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