6 Shots You Must Have in Your Wedding Photo Story

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Indian weddings are usually extravagant with innumerable rituals and traditions. There is a predefined timeline for every ceremony. As for example, a Haldi ceremony is always followed by a Mehendi, which in turn leads to the dance and music fiesta – Sangeet. So, it is important to shoot a wedding with a photojournalistic approach to depict all the happenings as per the sequence. Not only will this generate beautiful love stories, but also will be able to make one understand the flow of emotions during an Indian wedding.

While a seasoned wedding photographer never tends to miss any important moment of a wedding, it is always advisable that you hand him over a list of your ‘must-have’ shots to be included in your story about love. Here are a few shots that you should have in your wedding love story:

Your outfits and footwear: We know how important that gorgeous lehenga and the diamante stilettos are for you. You have scouted through every cloth shop, be it the designer ones or that familiar sari store, before finding this gem. You have found your footwear after days of hard work and now can’t wait to flaunt it. Hence, it makes total sense to take shots of your dear ‘shaadi ka joda’ and footwear. By the way, don’t forget to click a few images of the sherwani and ‘jootis’ that your significant other is going to wear. It’s his wedding too.

Getting ready: You have gone through numerous makeup artists’ profiles before selecting one. Now it is her turn to show her skills. Document your transformation into a goddess in a series of pictures. Ask your photographer to click you when your makeup artist does your hair, eyes or lips. You must also get some pics while you wear your precious jewelry.

Wedding specific jewelry: You have bought a truckload of jewelry for your special day. But, only a few of them are specific to weddings, like the rings, mangalsutra, chooda, and bichua. Why not include them in your wedding story? After all, they all symbolize the institution.

The essential items for weddings: Well, weddings always come with long rituals and poojas and the setup seems incomplete without those brass utensils. So, have a few pics of them when they are properly decorated with sacred symbols and other pooja items like colorful threads, flowers, rice, vermilion and so on. You can also frame them and put on the wall of your new home as a sign of good omen.

The traditional dos: Weddings are traditional dos; no doubt about them at all. But, there are certain rituals which are extremely specific to weddings like Haldi, Mehendi, Kanya Daan, Saptapadi, Sindoor-daan, and Vidaai. Ask your photographer to click images of these important rituals from every angle possible. You never know, your album may become an example of short love story.

The couples: In a bid to capture all the glitz and glamour of a wedding, most pairs forget to display their personal couple stories. Show some love to your better half; after all, you are getting married because you love each other, right?

Romantic stories of couples are always beautiful – be it simple or extravagant. However, always stick to your own personality; your wedding photo story must reflect your true self. Capture your wedding story by photographers in canvera.

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