5 Must-Know Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Tips For Plus Size Women

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It is such a privilege to be chosen as one of the bridesmaids by your best friend or close relative. To pay her off, you need to feel and look beautiful on her bridal ceremony. Before, the choices for plus size dresses were extremely limited. But now, lots of options will be presented to you directly.

You need to exert enough amount of time, effort and money to achieve the look you deserve. But, if it is your first time attending a wedding and don’t have a clear idea where to get started, here are plus size bridesmaid dresses shopping tips you must keep in mind.

  1. Make a call ahead of time.

Pick up your phone and call boutiques or stores. Do not feel embarrass or apologetic when telling your size. Ask the staffs if they will have the capacity to work with you. Remember, what you are seeking is a well-informed and confident person who is willing to work with you. Just keep calling until you get that right store or person.

  1. Bring out your positives.

Most brides give their bridesmaids a freedom to pick their own style for a dress. Choose one that reveals your favorite feature. For instance, you can choose a dress with V-neckline or sweetheart if you have a wonderful décolletage. For those who love showing off their collarbone, an off the shoulder number will be an excellent option.

  1. Look for the right dress structure.

You can ask the bride to choose a dress in a more significant fabric, like taffeta, heavy jersey or stretch satin. It offers a good support level without allowing you to expose every dimple, crease and ripple.

  1. Go for custom dress.

Don’t get upset if nothing works for you perfectly. Never settle for less if there are other possible opportunities you can try. Why not go for custom? But of course, the color and style should match to the wedding theme.

  1. Seek the help of a sales person.

As soon as you go into a store, you will also pay for the expertise of a person. Look for someone who is dedicated to working with you and can guarantee fruitful result. Don’t hesitate to ask opinions, questions or suggestion. This plays an integral part to choosing the right fit.

Color is also crucial when finding that perfect bridesmaid dress. Though pastel colors are feminine and cute, they are highly overrated. Not only that, it will make you bigger than your normal size. Instead, stick with more classic and dark colors.

There you have it, the shopping tips you need to bear in mind when looking for your dress. You may find them useful towards getting the look you ever wanted for the special day of your dear friend.

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